New year

Best wishes and top mobile workforce management articles from B2Field

Happy holidays from all of us at B2Field! Thank you for your continued loyalty, it’s a privilege to share the complex tasks of running a field service business with you.

Best reads on field workforce management in 2022

Since many people use the holidays to catch up on useful materials and start the year on the productive note, we’d like to share popular and easy-to-read guides from our blog in 2022:

  • How to supervise your supervisors: two easy and reliable methods. Read now
  • Guide: How to speak to your clients over the phone to increase their loyalty. Read now
  • What phone is the best for field team management software with GPS? Read now
  • Mobile workforce management software vs. a free analog: An honest comparison. Read now
  • Audit or mentoring – what do market leaders choose for their sales reps teams? Read now

Keeping in touch this holiday season

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and should you need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact your personal manager.

To a successful and growth-filled 2023. Happy holidays!

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