Make data-driven

Boost productivity and reduce your costs with powerful analytics. Analyze key metrics and forecast trends.

Turn data into revenue

Analyze workforce productivity, fuel expenses, maintenance costs and customer satisfaction with comprehensive B2Field reports and analytics.

Timely received key metrics will help you efficiently deploy available business resources and improve the overall performance of your team.

User-friendly reports in relevant formats

Fleet data & analytics

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Measure the real productivity

Fleet data & analytics
Track task performance

Detailed reports will keep you updated on how many tasks have been completed on time, with delay or overdue. No need to wait for employees to prepare performance reports. Go paperless and get all information online.

Ensure high-quality service

In most cases quantity outperforms quality. Detailed reports will show you the full picture: actual time spent on tasks, delays and other data. Rate and review system will help you understand the real attitude of customers towards your business.

Reduce business expenses

Mileage and fuel

Get comprehensive reports with accurate information on mileage driven and fuel consumed to claim tax returns.

Traffic violations

Control driving behavior of your employees to avoid speeding and accidents. Save money on fines and extend your fleet lifecycle.

Work-related expenses

Keep record on parkings, travel time and hours spent on tasks to improve work efficiency of your employees.

Fleet data & analytics

Other features

Easy integration

Establish data exchange between our reporting
and your management solution with our
easy-to-use API.

Smart configuration

Generate reports for specific time periods, days and time. Group data by dates, agents and other parameters.

Automatic emailing

Receive reports according to the set schedule. Share data with stakeholders by adding them to the recipients list.

Explore advanced B2Field features for
mobile workforce management

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