Prevent breakdowns and

Optimize fleet service costs,
prevent breakdowns and emergencies,
enjoy zero downtime.

Reach utmost maintenance efficiency

Keep up with the service works that your fleets undergo: what maintenance is
needed and how often, how much it costs and what vehicles it is planned for.

Effortless planning and scheduling

Add service works of any kind: to refill oil, change tyres, run engine diagnostics, etc. for any vehicles. Schedule works by date, mileage or engine hours.

Make sure you have Autorepeat on for routine maintenance tasks. When a service work is done, the task will be rescheduled automatically.

Comprehensive view on service works

Benchmark maintenance statuses: number of tasks scheduled, completed or expired. Check costs for each type of service works.

Adjust a scheduled task as you wish or delete it altogether. View service works by their status or print them out straight from the system.

Timely performance. Guaranteed

Never miss a service work. Receive timely alerts on upcoming maintence tasks via e-mail, SMS or push-notifications on your mobile device.

Add as many phone numbers as needed. Notify all parties concerned from responsible employees to executives.