Increase productivity
of your field workforce

Provide your team with intuitive and powerful tools to drive efficiency and improve customer service.

From task scheduling to KPI analysis

B2Field embodies the idea of digital business transformation in the mobile workforce management.
The service helps effectively schedule and assign tasks with forms to mobile employees, track their real-time location and evaluate quality of
work. It also enables your mobile personnel to quickly exchange valuable information with the back office on the go.

Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards
Task scheduling
Two-way communication
Performance analysis

Ultimate solution for efficient field service management

Mobile app for employees

Digital to-do list and proof of delivery

Mobile app provides all key features and tools to guarantee efficient and productive work of field service personnel.

Enable your employees to quickly browse assigned tasks, look into route details, utilize handy navigation, initiate chat with the back office and submit mobile forms with photos, documents and signatures for proof of delivery using a single mobile app.

Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards
Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards
Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards
Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards

Workspace for dispatchers

Online task planning and supervision

Save time on briefings, calls and clarifications. Dispatch tasks intuitively and organize employee schedule based on the current workload and traffic on roads.

Establish reliable and paperless reporting with the fields. Receive forms, photos, documents and customer signatures to verify the volume and quality of work.

Analytics for managers

Key insights for your business

Evaluate employee productivity

Detailed reports provide information on all visited job sites, delays and actual time of task performance.

Manage business expenses

Graphs and charts with detailed information on mileage and fuel consumption will help prepare mileage claims or fuel tax returns.

Measure customer service

Automated reports will show the real state of your customer service. How punctual your employees are, how long they stay on the customer’s site, what data they collect.

Make better strategic decisions

Comprehensive analytics from B2Field allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of business processes, identify critical points and timely take the necessary measures.

Job Scheduling and KPI dashboards

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Explore advanced B2Field features for
field service management

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