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The “POIs” function

Points of Interest (POI) is a very useful feature for both organizations and end users. Any user can create a list of POIs for his or her convenience – it can be just a couple of places (like home, work, supermarket, etc.) or include thousands of POIs (for needs of the logistic manager).

Points Of Interest

There are several parameters you can set for each POI:

  • Name. You can use any name you want, like Office, Warehouse or Accounts Department – choose a label that fits your purposes and will help you find your POI easily.
  • Icon. You can use any picture from the library or upload it from your PC.
  • Tags. Tags are used to work with big amount of POI and are very helpful if you have more than several dozens of POIs. There’s no limit in the quantity of tags, the same POI can be identified by several tags, but we’ll get to that later.
Points Of Interest

How to create and edit POIs?

  • In order to create a new POI, right-click the map.
  • If you want to browse the list of already created and edited POIs – use the map tool called “POI” on the right side of the tools panel.
Points Of Interest

What do I need POIs for?

  • Searching objects on the map — you don’t have to specify the whole address anymore. Just type the name or tag you assigned to the POI and you’ll have the list with all the matches.
  • Creating routes and geofences — you can easily find a place on the map and draw a circle or polygon around it. It’s also possible to build a route between several POIs, let’s say, between your office and warehouse.
  • Assigning tasks to the employees — when creating a new task, instead of entering the complete address of destination, you can just type the name of the created POI — the system will immediately attach the place to the task.  The POI tool comes in handy if you decide to upload tasks from external sources via an API or a file, as it will be much easier for the system to recognize the names of the places accepted in your organization.

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