Gain deeper insights with business analytics

Business analytics give you deep insight into operational performance, including how effective and efficient your mobile teams are on every job.

Analyze data to improve mobile operations

Analyze workforce productivity, fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and customer satisfaction rates with comprehensive business analytics and reporting.

Take a deep-dive into operations to make confident, evidence-based decisions about what aspects of the business to improve and develop strategies to get it done.

Generate user-friendly reports that are easy to analyze

Business analytics and reporting

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Measure real-time productivity with ease

Business analytics and reporting
Ensure work gets done right the first time

Detailed reports give you drill-down access to mission-critical business functions and KPIs, like first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction by employee, and much more.

Deliver exceptional customer service

KPIs don’t lie. Prove the amount of quality work your field teams achieve by analyzing the key performance indicators important to providing incredible customer service for every job.

Cut operational costs significantly

Mileage and fuel

Get comprehensive reports with accurate information on mileage driven and fuel consumed.

Traffic violations

Monitor driving behavior to avoid speeding and accidents. Save money on fines and extend your fleet lifecycle.

Work-related expenses

Keep parking records, travel time, and hours spent on tasks to improve work efficiency of your employees.

Business analytics and reporting

Other features

Easy integration

Establish data exchange between our reporting
and your management solution with our
easy-to-use API.

Smart configuration

Generate reports for specific time periods, days and time. Group data by dates, agents and other parameters.

Automatic emailing

Receive reports according to the set schedule. Share data with stakeholders by adding them to the recipients list.

Ready to streamline mobile workforce operations for your business today?

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