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Want to sell more of your top and new products? Wow customers with exceptional service?
With B2Field field sales software, you can connect your field reps with the office and management via real-time data and live maps. Align your teams to streamline sales operations and enjoy automatic analytics to win more.

Field Sales Reps

Field Sales Reps

Equip your field sales reps with the software solution they need to make intelligent decisions at the store and watch sales grow.



Streamline mobile workforce management with checklists to optimize product availability and create eye-catching displays.



Automate schedules and routes, track field activity in real time, and report on the most important sales targets for SMBs — all in one mobile CRM.

Track all field activity with
live maps and tracking

Get full transparency in the field with real-time GPS tracking, while mobile CRM solution ensures your sales reps build and maintain the best customer relationships at every location.

The field sales platform and app allow you to know what locations your sales representatives visit or where they’re headed simply by viewing the live map. All customer visits data and routes will be safely stored for further analytics.

Track all field activity with live maps

Promote in-store compliance
with the management app

Empower your sales reps with the tools they need to have a productive day in the field. Provide the management with the most accurate GPS tracking solution.

Your field employees check off each task as they go and update the system with a photo when they’re done. All field sales data is automatically entered into the system for reporting via the mobile app — it’s that simple.

Create checklists for in-store compliance

Schedule and plan
routes automatically

B2Field is the leading field sales software solution for GPS tracking, dynamic task scheduling and automatic route planning. So supervisors can focus on more important duties and sales KPIs.

Our proprietary platform calculates the best routes and adjusts to unpredictable field conditions in real time so your mobile employees can visit more stores in less time.

Schedule and plan routes automatically

Connect your teams
with real-time chat

B2Field custom-built communications platform allows you to connect your field sales team and supervisors whether they are in or outside the office. All data will be stored in one CRM software instead of a myriad of third-party apps.

Just navigate to the chat section to send direct or company-wide SMS without extra costs.

Connect your teams with real-time chat

See all field sales features B2Field offers

Live maps

Live maps

Live maps is the easy way to optimize routes — powered by real-time GPS tracking tools.

Give your dispatchers and drivers the transparency they need to respond to weather conditions, traffic, one-way windows, urgent deliveries, and more.

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Cost management

Cost management

Creating efficiency and accuracy in the field starts with analyzing the right data.

B2Field captures the data you need to set benchmarks for time spent at locations, plan the best routes that save fuel, calculate reimbursements for field reps who use their own vehicles, and more.

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Customer data

Customer data

Include customer and prospect data field teams need to execute and build the company portfolio.

Access addresses, contact info, and task lists for each customer; locate nearby prospects and include detailed info about them so your field sales reps can close the deal.

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Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis

Analyze data around field rep performance and sales: number of visits, order volume, time in store, driving time, mileage, fuel costs, sales volume, promo performance, returns, and much more — all of it's stored in one place for accuracy and accessibility.

Compare the data over customized timeframes so you know where and when to make changes and view progress.

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Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists

Inspire continuity and effectiveness by using customizable mobile forms and checklists so your field teams can create awesome showcases, displays, and promos, and send customers surveys to receive helpful feedback.

All the data is entered into the system automatically for reporting and analysis.

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Team communications

Team communications

Stay connected thorough shared contact lists that enable phone calls, live chats, group channels, voice messages, and file transfer capabilities.

Individuals can set customized statuses to let the team know when they're actively working, out to lunch, or off duty.

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Report and analyze
to improve and grow

Business transparency is crucial for success and growth in today’s world of sales. And it requires the most suitable software solution.

Monitor field sales and mobile employees’ KPIs to expand your sales volume, active customer base, promo performance, revenue and much more. Generate custom reports anytime, anywhere.

Report and analyze to improve and grow

Integrate tools to
expand capabilities

A capable field sales and GPS tracking solution must be compatible with your CRM, HR, IT, payroll, and other systems you need for business management. This streamlined workflow is crucial for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

B2Field developer-friendly API makes it easy to connect the apps and tools your team loves for seamless data exporting from/to B2Field to hit the ground running from day one.

Integrate tools to expand capabilities

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We implemented B2Field over 3 years ago and have successfully been using it to improve visibility and order planning across the entire organization.

Janet Liu


B2Field is a feature-rich software platform that allows our regional offices to manage, monitor, and measure the performance of employees and vehicles.

Isabelle Newman

Isabelle Newman CEO “SplitLA”

We're really pleased with the performance of B2Field. We use the live tracking feature everywhere, all the time. It's a great time-saving tool.

Norman O’Brien

Norman O’Brien “Handy”

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Frequently asked questions

You will know immediately if an employee tries to use a fake GPS tool. Since B2Field uses real-time location tracking and records all movements from one location to the next you’ll be able to see sharp jumps on the map that would be physically impossible in real life.

Since all route data is recorded and archived for reporting and analysis, you can review routes anytime, anywhere, on any device.

B2Field automatically records not only all trips, but also takes into account the duration of stop times and location visits. You can analyze how long jobs usually take (by analyzing business-wide averages for like jobs) to set performance benchmarks.

Beyond that, you can enable proof of work requirements via photos, videos, file shares, barcodes, and signatures. Additionally, B2Field solves the issue of fake photos and videos by allowing photos and videos to be taken only through the camera in the app.

You will receive a notification instantly. Also, if a field rep says their battery died you’ll know because B2Field also gives you access to device battery data.

B2Field has Offline Mode so you don’t have to worry if your field rep loses service or internet connection. They simply complete the job as usual and all data will be updated in real-time after they regain service or reconnect, at which point it will be entered into the system automatically for reporting and analysis.

One of the main functions of B2Field is to empower businesses with data. Having the right data improves operational transparency, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of field reps. After adopting B2Field, one of our clients increased location visits by almost 350% in just 6 weeks.

B2Field helps businesses establish and maintain best practices for every job. With tools like checklists, you can require field reps to check off each task as they go and send proof of work when they’re finished.

B2Field helps transform the entire business by making operations more transparent and efficient as a result. On top of that, maintaining privacy is our top priority.

B2Field inspires teams to excel. Your employees will see benefits in almost every aspect of the job, enabling them to work more successfully every day.

  • Eliminate often misplaced or error-prone paperwork — no more lost or inaccurate data that field teams have to bring back to the office for office teams to enter into spreadsheets and file.
  • No more fumbling between disparate apps to navigate from appointment to appointment or to communicate with the office or other team members.
  • No more getting lost from location to location — all employees have to do is follow the live map which automatically calculates the closest, fastest routes.
  • Dynamic scheduling and dispatching helps solve the stress and frustration of late or missed appointments.
  • Enabling checklists ensures that field employees have all the information and confidence they need to complete jobs right the first time, which reduces the need for repeat jobs that waste time and lose the business money.

At B2Field, we value your employees’ privacy so we don’t track location data outside of set working hours, which each employee can set independently. In this case, location data is only received by B2Field during working hours, and it turns off automatically at the end of the shift. B2Field also does not track data from other applications, which is especially important if your teams use their personal smart devices for work.

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