B2Field for Small and
Medium Business (SMB)

B2Field delivers an all-in-one field service management solution at affordable prices enabling Small and Medium Businesses to focus on growth and scalability.

Solution that grows with your business

B2Field provides all core features and tools for effective mobile workforce management including extensive support and solid experience. Our specialists will ensure easy onboarding and seamless implementation to skyrocket your business growth.

GPS Field Service Management — For Small and Medium Business

Pay as you grow

Our fair and affordable monthly subscription plans enable you to avoid huge investments on early stages as well as reduce your total cost of ownership. You can always upgrade your tariff plan whenever you are ready to add more capabilities and take your business to the next level.

Scale without limits

B2Field is an innovative solution that evolves with your business as you scale up and increase market share. It provides all features and tools for unlimited growth and endless geographical expansion. B2Field delivers the reliability you need to facilitate your business development with confidence.

Feel more supported

We truly believe that close expert support matters for your business success. One of our main goals is to maximize your profits with less time and efforts from your side. Thereby our specialists are always ready to help you with any business challenges and share their professional expertise.

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

“I was blown away when we discovered B2Field. Its usability is just awesome. It took us only 2 days to explore all the core features and start using it. We can now track all our couriers online and dispatch jobs more effectively. Keep it up B2Field!”

Jonathan Sullivan

Founder and CEO, MaxyLight LLC

Explore advanced B2Field features for
Small and Medium Business (SMB)

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