Maintenance and Service — Field Service Management

and Service

Manage your field technicians wherever it takes

Keep your teams connected all the way

Drive efficiency and embrace transparency for your service and maintenance engineers.
Track and guide your techs online and stay in the loop to rate how well your teams perform.

Maintenance and Service — Field Service Management

Optimal planning
for optimal results

Save time and effort with B2Field scheduling tool

Create new to-do lists or export data in XLS or PDF formats. Assign urgent jobs to the nearest available workers. Let the system set the fastest route to spoil your customers with prompt and accurate service.

Everything your workers need document-wise is always at their fingertips in smartphones or tablets. B2Field allows your mobile teams to view tasks, fill out forms and invoice clients on-site, capture pictures and signatures. The dispatcher will be notified immediately.

Maintenance and Service — Field Service Management

“When a cash register or more complex equipment needs an urgent repair we are always on time to assist our clients, thanks to B2Field. Once a repair request comes through, the nearest available technician will be detected and assigned by the dispatcher. Our customers trust us because our team is always there for them.”

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Manage your fuel and
maintenance costs

B2Field powerful tools help you save around 30% on fuel.

B2Field features automatic route optimizer and real-time fuel level monitoring to minimize fuel card frauds and siphoning.

Track your teams and money to limit unauthorized use of company vehicles. If your employees use their own cars for business, the system will itemize business vs personal miles.

B2Fied streamlines your field operations and makes filling any form a piece of cake. The reports will be generated automatically and will be exportable to any third-party solutions adopted in your company.

Maintenance and Service — Field Service Management

Improve productivity with B2Field

Explore advanced B2Field features to
automate routine operations

Maintenance and Service — Field Service Management

Real-time tracking

Track your mobile teams in real time. Rapidly respond to critical situations and emergencies.

Perfect Planning

Assign jobs, create routes. Monitor every job from your team’s arrival through to completion.

Superior efficiency

Go paperless and collect data straight from the site in real time. Have reports delivered to your inbox.

Extensive visibility

Enable mapping and let your customers know exactly where the techs are and when they arrive.

Explore advanced B2Field features for
mobile workforce management

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