Achieve five-star service quality with B2Field

Empower your field techs with all the information and equipment they need to deliver five-star service quality.

Achieve five-star service quality with B2Field

Trusted by the world’s best field service teams


Transform your field service business today

Automate repetitive admin tasks, align teams with real-time data, provide service technicians everything they need to deliver incredible service quality, and win more jobs.

Stay a step ahead with
dynamic scheduling

Scheduling software should help eliminate the problem of techs showing up late or not at all.

B2Field makes it easy to pair the right workers with the right jobs and verify the pipeline of scheduled, dispatched and completed jobs so you never miss an appointment.

Stay a step ahead with dynamic scheduling

Track all field activity
with live maps

No more wondering where your service techs are during their shift.

B2Field’s convenient map view allows you to see the location and status of your service techs in real time so you can identify potential delays early to avoid late or missed appointments.

Track all field activity with live maps

Empower service techs
with checklists & forms

Give service techs all the information and equipment they need to succeed at every job.

Your service techs check off tasks for every job, and you can send customers surveys to receive helpful feedback when the job is done.

Empower service techs with checklists & forms

Connect your teams
with real-time chat

You don’t have to waste time chasing a paper trail or rifling through emails to see what happened to a job.

Alert techs of real-time changes to their schedule via SMS. When they accept a job an automatic message can be sent to clients to let them know when help will arrive.

Connect your teams with real-time chat

Check out all the great features B2Field offers

Live maps

Live maps

Get full transparency in the field to achieve efficiency, provide 5-star service quality, and win more jobs.

Supervisors and managers plan routes, field techs execute tasks, and all of it can be viewed on the live map that's powered by real-time GPS.

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Drill-down field data

Drill-down field data

Creating efficiency and accuracy in the field starts with analyzing the right data.

B2Field captures the data you need to set benchmarks for time spent at appointments, plan the best routes that save fuel, calculate reimbursements for service techs who use their own vehicles, and more.

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Customer management data

Customer management data

Include accurate customer data for each appointment so your service techs have all the information they need to get the job done right.

Access addresses, contact info, task lists, part lists, and much more.

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Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis

Analyze data around service tech performance: total number of jobs, jobs completed, appointments missed, driving time, mileage, fuel costs, customer ratings by appointment, and much more.

Compare the data over customized timeframes so you can make evidence-based business decisions or track progress.

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Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists

Inspire continuity and efficiency at every appointment. With customizable checklists, service techs are prepared with all the information they need to do the job.

Use mobile forms to send surveys to customers to get quality feedback about every appointment.

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Team communications

Team communications

Connect the office and the field with shared contact lists that enable phone calls, live chats, group channels, voice messages, and file transfer capabilities.

Service techs can set customized statuses to let the team know when they're actively working, out to lunch, or off duty.

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Report and analyze
to improve and grow

It’s impossible to make confident business decisions with disparate data.

B2Field connects disparate data systems so you can gain reliable business intelligence that allows you to improve productivity through evidence-based decision making.

Report and analyze to improve and grow

Integrate tools to
expand capabilities

A capable mobile sales solution must be compatible with your CRM, HR, IT, payroll, and other systems you need to manage your business.

Our developer-friendly API makes it easy to connect the apps and tools your teams love so you can hit the ground running from day one.

Integrate tools to expand capabilities

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We implemented B2Field over 3 years ago and have successfully been using it to improve visibility and order planning across the entire organization.

Janet Liu


B2Field is a feature-rich software platform that allows our regional offices to manage, monitor, and measure the performance of employees and vehicles.

Isabelle Newman

Isabelle Newman CEO “SplitLA”

We're really pleased with the performance of B2Field. We use the live tracking feature everywhere, all the time. It's a great time-saving tool.

Norman O’Brien

Norman O’Brien “Handy”

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Frequently asked questions

B2Field has a Live Maps feature powered by GPS so you can see where employees are at all times. Based on their location, you should be able to tell if they’re working for you or running their own errands.

One of the main advantages of B2Field is detailed, accurate GPS tracking. The app records where employees are, including stop time and rest periods. This data allows you to track all trips and calculate compensation for fuel and gas if they use their own vehicles.

B2Field lets you add your own maps. This is useful for monitoring work at facilities that are newly built, currently under construction, classified, or places that just aren’t showing up. Once you upload the map, you’ll have a detailed view of what part of the facility your field teams go to.

Dispatchers can receive proof of work almost instantly through photos, videos, file shares, barcodes, and signatures. Additionally, B2Field solves the issue of fake photos and videos by allowing photos and videos to be taken only through the camera in the app.

B2Field has Offline Mode so you don’t have to worry if your field employee loses service or internet connection. They simply complete the job as usual and all data will be updated in real-time after they regain service or reconnect, at which point it will be entered into the system automatically for reporting and analysis.

All data on services performed is stored in your system after your field employee finishes the job. Dispatchers are notified almost instantly at which point you can see before and after photos, the client’s signature that verifies proof of work, and any notes from the field employee who completed the job.

Additionally, you can use the mobile forms feature to send feedback forms and surveys to clients right after the job is done so you can pinpoint any potential questions or concerns and work to resolve them as soon as possible.

B2Field enables you to set customized permissions so each dispatcher has access to the live maps that only show their direct teams. You can also set data access permissions based on job title or role so each team member has the information they need to do the job right.

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