Files and pictures

Introduce instant
file transfer

Have any field files (documents, images or e-signatures) synced with the office and processed right away

Files and pictures

Valueable attachments
shared on the go

Empower deskless workers to fill in mobile forms and attach any valueable materials:

  • files,
  • pictures,
  • e-signatures.

All the data will be securely stored and sorted out. The files can be viewed at any moment as soon as the supervisor clicks on the required date.

Instant access
to field data

Provide managers and supervisors with access tools to:

  • receive alerts on any events;
  • analyze data head-on with no time wasted;
  • urgently respond to emergency situations.

Apply transparent and fast data exchange to automate routine operations and streamline processes for every team member: a mobile worker, a supervisor, an operator and a CEO.

Files and pictures
Files and pictures

One smartphone,
zero paper

Fill in job completion forms and attach any files in a few clicks

Files and pictures

Prompt and effective
crisis management

Respond to emergency situations with the shortest routes and nearest workers

Files and pictures

Any field data
at your fingertips

Check available data without a hitch, just click on the required date

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