Time tracking

Measure time spent with customer
and behind the wheel

Track the exact time spent on every task: customer visits,
journeys, etc. Thoroughly estimate prices and rates of
your services. Complete more tasks, faster.

Calculate exact prices and rates

Track how much time an employee spends on the task and calculate the most accurate prices and hourly rates.

Decrease turnaround time and offer the best and prompt service for your clients. Guarantee timely deliveries and delight your customers with outstanding experience.

Time tracking
Time tracking

Maintain an accurate payroll

Enjoy location specific time tracking and check employee time records for precise trip and visit durations . Employ the fastest routes to decrese the time behind wheel and in traffic jams.

Use the clear-cut time tracking to calculate working hours, overtime and compare employees records for the same type of work. Spot the process bottlenecks or idlers.

Ahead of schedule, ahead of competitiors

Even with a most hard-working mobile team on board, start B2Field planning tools to have more work orders done for the same hours.

Visit more customers, improve delivery timing, respond fast to any upplaned tasks or emergencies.

Time tracking

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