Mileage and fuel

Monitor fuel consumed and miles driven

Estimate mileage claim for every driver hands down

Accurate calculations for every vehicle

Mileage and fuel

Private vehicles

Mileage and fuel

Company cars

Mileage and fuel

Commercial vehicles

Make every mile count

Get the exact mileage of any present or past trips. Monitor miles driven for a single journey or the total trip count for the period.

Use this data to make precise calculations for fuel and other costs.

Mileage and fuel
Mileage and fuel

Deduct business costs faster and effectively

Distinguish between private and business trips in a matter of seconds with the Driver Journal. This tool will automatically log every trip: you just need to sort them into private, business or other.

Pay only for the business fuel on business trips. Don’t worry about forgetting any journey and receive the most fair tax deductions.

All trip data in one place

Get a bird’s eye view on the journeys a driver takes: monitor their duration, mileage, fuel consumption, average and max speed.

Specify journeys by countries or jurisdictions with a trip by state report. Calculate wages and prices more accurately, depending on the region of operation.

Mileage and fuel

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