Trip History

View trip history
for any past periods

Check any trip your field workforce takes. View locations, breadcrumb trails and other valueable metrics. Enjoy comprehensive analytics and paperless reports.

Access the exact mileage, speed, locations and timings for any past period to return tax, estimate costs and monitor discipline.

Check teams, trips and
events on a single map

Detect detours
from the route

Benefit from automatic
reports to deduct expenses

Play back trips and events on the go

Trip History

Route trail

View and compare trips using advanced visualization tools. Analyze data instantly and effortlessly.

Events and accidents

Monitor customer visits, unplanned stops and traffic accidents. Check trip details to have a fuller picture.

Trip analytics

Generate reports on any events or parameters. Make use of accurate and automatically logged metrics.

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Trip History

Time Machine –
Extended visibility into field operations

Time Machine will take you back in time to show any past trip as if you’re watching it online.

Choose an employee and any trip or day you want to reproduce. Adjust the playback speed and follow the track as it goes. Check details and generate reports to enjoy an overall view.

Activity Log –
Stay updated on any interactions

Keep track of any events (stops, detours, traffic accidents, etc.) with automatic logs. Check activity type and the name of employees interacting with the GPS tracking solution.

Filter data to focus on what’s important. Display metrics with visual graphs or automatic reports.

Trip History
Trip History

Reports on everything:
mileage, timing, fuel

B2Field provides accurate data on mileage driven and fuel consumed. Easily calculate expenses or reimbursements per each task.

Classify business and personal miles. Report business miles and have your tax returned. Provide fair compensations for gas and maintenance.

Make every minute count with comprehensive reports. Check duration of every trip, customer visit or downtime. Monitor when the drivers enter/ leave geofences and other parameters.

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