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  • Monthly
  • Track & Trace

    5–15 assets

    $7.50/ asset
    • 3 months history
    • 6 world maps
    • GPS & LBS location
    • Addresses & Routes
    • Basic support
  • Business

    5-50 assets

    $15/ asset
    • 6 months history
    • Extended set of maps
    • Work orders
    • Fleet management
    • Collaboration tools
    • Web plugins
  • Professional

    5-500 assets

    $25/ asset
    • 12 months history
    • Mobile forms
    • Custom maps and apps
    • API for integrations
    • Branded workspace
    • Priority support
  • Enterprise


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    • Dedicated database cluster
    • Data-driven suggestions
    • Enhanced storage
    • Optimal price-card at your request
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Convenient assets tracking
Real-time tracking with GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS
Back-up tracking with GSM / WiFi (also known as LBS)
User`s events registration with notifications
Detailed trips and events history 3 months 6 months 12 months more than 18 months
Mobile apps
Low latency HD-tracking
Enjoy the best cartography on the market
Basic maps
Extended set of maps
Street panoramas
Geocoding (coordinates ↔ address)
Points of interest catalogue
Driving directions
Traffic conditions
Custom maps
Adjust the work of field force employees
Mobile app Field Force Employees
Mobile app chief
Button "Check" with photo and comment
Chat with employees
Employee status (employment status)
Scheduling tasks
Visit control
Mobile forms
Effective fleet and drivers management
Drivers identification
Driver mobile app
Technical maintenance
Waybills in accordance to template forms (some countries)
Waybills in accordance to individual forms
Work with tachographs
ELD services integration (some countries)
Integration with MVDR-services
Collaborate with colleagues
Sharing particular objects
Role-based access for sub-users
Batch operations with GPS-devices
Powerful analytics for better decisions
Tasks assignment to your employees
Mobile app Field Force Employees
Mobile app Superviser
Statuses (work statuses)
Forms and tasks
Automatize business processes
Web plugins for websites and apps
Readymade integrations with third-party software
Real time data retranslation
Own apps
Use the preferences you need
Branding with company logo
Data storage of more than 1 Gbyte for 1 asset
Own server cluster
Get maximal support from B2field
E-mail support
Hot line support
Online training
Developer support
Data-driven suggestions