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Automate mobile workforce management to boost profits. Optimize fleet management to drive business efficiency.


Enhance your mobile workforce visibility. Track the real-time location on map
and get instant notifications via email or SMS.

Field Force Management — Software Solutions for Business
Real-time GPS tracking

Track your field agents and vehicles on a single map. Always be aware of the current location of your business assets. Make your field force management and fleet management more accurate.

Geofencing and POIs

Draw virtual zones around construction sites and work areas to control every entrance and exit with timely alerts. Add landmarks with descriptions to visualize important places and points of interest.

Route optimization

Provide your mobile employees with the shortest and fastest navigation to the task destination. Improve driver efficiency and reduce estimated time of arrival to delight your customers.


Increase business efficiency by automating and synchronizing daily operations between your field agents and back office.

Field Force Management — Software Solutions for Business
Task scheduling

Smartly schedule and dispatch tasks to your mobile workforce based on their current location and availability. Send tasks directly to smartphones or tablets and get notifications on task performance via email or SMS.

Mobile forms

Create custom digital forms for any business workflow. Add drop down menus, text fields, bulleted lists, etc. Promptly receive filled in forms from the fields with photos and customer signatures for proof of work.

Reports and analytics

Measure and analyze key performance metrics of your mobile workforce and fleet. Set a preferred schedule to automatically receive detailed reports with charts and comprehensive data on mileage, time and completed tasks.

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Digital transformation

Level up your business and increase revenue. Transform analog business processes and workflow operations into digital.

Field Force Management — Software Solutions for Business

Use our comprehensive and powerful REST API to integrate B2Field with any other management tools, applications or 3rd party solutions already adopted in your company. Empower field service operations and fleet management with custom integrations.

Field Force Management — Software Solutions for Business
Field service management

Efficiently schedule and distribute tasks among your field service agents. Establish a swift digital data exchange between the fields and back office using mobile forms. Track and analyze the performance of your team to increase business productivity.

Field Force Management — Software Solutions for Business
Fleet management

Track all your vehicles in real time. Provide drivers with fastest navigation and shortest routes. Control fuel expenses, mileage and driving behavior online. Automate fleet maintenance to extend vehicles lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs.

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mobile workforce management

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