Eco Driving

Encourage safe and efficient
driving behavior

Boost fuel efficiency. Reduce maintenance costs,
emissions and traffic accidents

Minimize costs and accidents

Stay altered on driving violations. Benchmark drivers’ eco scores and eco driving reports to promote economical, ecological and safe driving.


Stay alerted on any speeding violations. Improve cargo safety and fuel efficiency.

Harsh Driving

Prevent accidents and extra costs with keeping tabs on harsh braking, turning and harsh acceleration.

Pre-trip Inspection

Enable instant reporting of PTI results via online forms. Browse through pictures and comments.

Rate your drivers

Refer to Eco driving reports to find the most and the least careful drivers. Use colorful graphs for instant perception of harsh braking, acceleration and overspeeding among employees. Penalties will be added for each violation and will be considered in the drivers’ total score.

Fine-tune each parameter for in-depth driving behavior analysis. Enjoy a big picture on each driver.

Eco Driving
Eco Driving

Manage poor driving behavior

Improve drivers’ accountability with instant eco driving alerts. They will help drivers avoid collisions and mold a safer driving behavior for the future.

Check the score of the whole team and enroll some employees for safe driving classes. Arrange lectures and workshops to assist your drivers and refine their driving technique. Promote safe trips and cargo safety.

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