Excellent planning

Implement effective
order management

Use B2Field to effectively assign orders and turn enquiries into simple tasks. Monitor timely and successful job completion.

Instant job dispatch

Employ automatic job dispatch based on proximity to the object. Waste no time essential for urgent tasks: find the nearest available workers on the online map.

Let your employees get to the site faster and have more time to complete the job.

Excellent planning
Excellent planning

Effective planning

Make use of rich and flexible tools for planning. Schedule jobs based on an employee’s skill set and experience to make sure the job is done right.

Estimate the scope of work and appoint the exact number of workers needed. Spare no resources and provide great customer service.

Perfectly coordinated team

Enable instant reports through the in-app chat, mobile forms or notifications. Keep tabs on any field operations: make sure all deadlines are met and all clients are satisfied.

When the unexpected happens, maneuver the situation with timely and efficient endeavors. Find the nearest substitutes best suited for the job – all the site details will be immediately forwarded to their mobile device.

Excellent planning

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