Put your team on the map

Make your services more accesible and attractive for clients. Enable them to track their orders online and minimize delivery woes

Online delivery tracking: show
clients where their order is

Increase visibility into order processing to gain more customer trust.
One plugin for online delivery tracking will do the trick.

This tool is a perfect match for restaurants, cafes and delis with food delivery service. Enable guests to check the current location and the ETA online and increase overall customer satisfaction.

  • Build customer loyalty with simple and detailed updates on their deliveries
  • Streamline work processes: eliminate the need for calling the restaurant or the office
  • Increrase productivity: introduce fast order processing and have more work done

All team in one map: show
clients your fast-paced work

Put your big and busy team on the website or the app.
Use a DIY plugin that requires no special skills or knowledge.

Put all your mobile workers on the map and provide customers with real-time visibility into field operations. The feature will be best suited for haulige companies, trash pickup services and towing companies.

  • Show how big your team and service territory is to gain new customers and increase loyalty
  • Share your work in high gear: enable task progress and completion in real time
  • Let your customers know that your are near: take advantage of close location and fast response time