Track all field activity in real-time with live maps

Ensure mobile teams visit all clients and locations to build and maintain incredible customer relationships.

Live maps

Gain full transparency of field operations

Get a 360 degree view in the field to ensure your mobile teams build and maintain the best customer relationships at every location. Know what locations your mobile teams visit, where they’re headed, or where they’ve been simply by viewing the map.

Get accurate GPS tracking no matter where you are

Get accurate GPS tracking inside office buildings, malls, or underground parking structures. B2Field utilizes Wi-Fi / Cell-ID and Bluetooth. These technologies help extend battery life of mobile phones and tablets without affecting location precision.




Live maps

Know where drivers and assets are at all times

  • Stops
  • Speed
  • Route deviations

Stay connected to field operations in real-time

  • Geolocation
  • Chat
  • Proof of delivery

Discover how B2Field can streamline operations for your business today

Check out all the great features live maps have to offer

Live maps
Trip history

View and compare trips for any selected period using advanced visualization settings.

Event history

Keep records on every occured event with precise information on its time and location.

Trip statistics

Have a quick overview of travelled distance, average speed and trip duration without creating detailed reports.


Reproduce trips for a particular date in the past to analyze movement details.


Receive on-time notifications and alerts about important events by email, sms, or push-notifications.

Access B2Field from any device, anywhere

We’ve got you covered on mobile and desktop. Log in to your account on and download the mobile app for 24/7 access to all mobile operations.

Ready to streamline mobile workforce operations for your business today?

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