In-app communications keep teams connected

Inspire tight-knit teams through in-app communications. The B2Field communications feature enables phone calls, live chats, group channels, and more.

Streamline communications

Exchange valuable info in real-time to boost performance

Optimize real-time communications across the organization for accuracy and efficiency.

Automatically alert field teams about schedules and updates, outline unique tasks for each job with mobile checklists, obtain proof of work through file sharing, images, videos, barcodes, and signatures, and stay connected through accessible in-app communications tools that enable calls, chats, and group messages.

Streamline communications

Streamline operations with mobile forms

Enable mobile forms to automate order acceptance and processing while guaranteeing accuracy. All mobile form data is automatically documented in the system for reporting so you can evaluate employee performance, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

Mobile forms make mobile teams more efficient even in situations with weak signals, or no data or internet connection. Once employees move to an area with better signal, all data is automatically updated in the system for office teams and reporting.

Powerful drag-and-drop form builder allows teams to create custom mobile forms for any business task. Easily create unique multipage forms with drop-down menus, text sections, and bulleted lists.

Rapid communications goes way beyond sending mobile forms to the office from the field. Alert teams when new data has been received by office teams by enabling instant notifications via SMS or email.

Receive proof of work to ensure exceptional service quality

Streamline communications

Photos and videos

Send photos and videos to report cargo damage, capture unit condition before starting the job and when the job is done — once sent, it’s updated in the system automatically. Refer to photos and videos anytime to prove quality of service.

Streamline communications

Signatures and customer reviews

Get customer signatures easily with a smartphone or tablet to prove delivery or confirm the accuracy of an order form. When providing field service, you can let customers provide helpful reviews of services right after the job is complete.

Streamline communications

Documents and files

Send any files, specs sheets, user manuals and reports. Quickly accept new orders from customers and forward them to your back office for immediate processing, confirmation and prompt dispatching.

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Stay up-to-date in real-time with work statuses and live chat

Streamline communications
Work statuses

Create custom statuses and make them available to your mobile workforce. Let your field agents select an appropriate work status in the mobile app for the effective workflow coordination.

Live chat

In-app communication tools enable seamless information exchange between the field and office. Get questions answered and quickly resolve issues without having to navigate between different apps.

Streamline communications

Innovative enterprise

Device agnostic (Bring Your Own Device)

Secured and reliable

Accessible round-the-clock

Powerful features that help your business grow

Automate your daily business operations and workflows. Grant access rights and set permissions for each member of your team so they can access only the information they need. Our REST API and data synchronization tools allow you to integrate B2Field with any 3rd party applications or corporate systems (CRM and ERP) your company already uses.

Streamline communications
  • Trip tickets
  • Cost accounting
  • Payroll calculation
  • Task distribution
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time tracking
  • Assigned tasks
  • Real-time chat
  • GPS navigation
  • Performance transparency
  • Reports and analytics
  • Workflow automation
Fleet operator
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Driver logbook
  • Driving behavior control

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