Take a shortcut to customer loyalty

Let the app plan faster, optimal routes across the assignments. Enable less time behind the wheel and guarantee excellent customer service

Navigation assistant

Best routes set up automatically

Once the tasks are in, the fastest route will be built automatically. Have assignments arranged one by one in the optimal sequence to visit more customers, faster.

The app considers traffic and road restrictions as well as employee’s delivery method: by car, by public transport or by foot. Mileage and duration will be estimated for each task beforehand.

Prompt services guaranteed

If the ETA is affected or somehow changed, the app will alert immediately. It will offer to inform the client and the dispatcher on the late arrival or give up the task altogether.

Empower employees and supervisors to timely respond to any deviations and update delivery time with the client. Or to re-assign the task to the nearest worker, whichever is most favourable.

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