Last mile deliveries
move faster with B2Field

Streamline your last mile delivery operations to boost business efficiency and deliver incredible customer service.

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Last mile deliveries move faster with B2Field

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Simplify the complexities of last mile delivery

B2Field is the comprehensive solution you need to simplify LMD processes. Get end-to-end route planning, dispatching, real-time communications, reporting and analytics, and more.

Plan optimal routes
to cut delivery times

B2Field leads the competition in optimal route planning for last mile deliveries.

Our proprietary technology calculates the best routes and adjusts to unpredictable field conditions in real time so your fleet can complete more on-time deliveries, faster.

Plan optimal routes to cut delivery times

Auto-dispatch drivers
to deliver more

Automatic dispatching reduces labor costs and service times.

With dynamic GPS tracking tools, drivers focus on hitting delivery targets and maintaining exceptional customer service.

Auto-dispatch drivers to deliver more

Communicate with
customers and drivers

Our custom-built communications platform provides full transparency for drivers, fleet managers, and customers.

Drivers stay synced with dispatch teams to streamline deliveries; customers stay informed about their deliveries with real-time ETAs.

Communicate with customers and drivers

Report and analyze
to improve and grow

Business transparency is crucial for success and growth in today’s world.

Monitor KPIs like success rates, on-time deliveries, service times, feedback scores, distances travelled, and much more. Export data anytime, anywhere.

Report and analyze to improve and grow

Integrate existing tools
to expand capabilities

A capable LMD solution should be compatible with your CRM, HR, IT, payroll, and other systems you need to manage your business.

Our developer-friendly API makes it easy to connect the apps and tools your teams love so you can hit the ground running from day one.

Integrate existing tools to expand capabilities

Check out all the great features B2Field offers

Electronic proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery

B2Field’s ePoD capabilities include barcodes, notes, photo collection, and signatures.

Once a delivery is confirmed, all the details are updated in the system in real time for reporting and analysis.

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Live maps

Live maps

Live maps is the easy way to optimize routes — powered by real-time GPS tracking tools.

Give your dispatchers and drivers the transparency they need to respond to weather conditions, traffic, one-way windows, urgent deliveries, and more.

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Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts

By leveraging GPS data, automatically alerting customers about their deliveries is easy. They get simple reminders about ETAs and delivery confirmation to keep them in the loop.

Dispatchers receive alerts if a driver hasn’t accepted a job or is approaching the destination.

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Dynamic scheduling

Dynamic scheduling

Schedule your team based on multiple criteria, including driver availability, past performance data, and even proximity from customers.

No more tedious, time-consuming manual tasks — all drivers have to do is go into the app to view, complete, and confirm assignments during their shift.

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Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis

Analyze data around delivery performance metrics, delays, customer ratings, ETA metrics, pending deliveries, third party logistics performance data, costs and expenses, and much more — all of it's stored in one place for accuracy.

Compare the data over customized timeframes so you know where and when to make changes and view progress.

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Driver's logbook

Driver's logbook

Easily differentiate driving time from off-duty periods and/or personal errands (especially if your drivers use their own vehicles), to maintain compliance standards and know when drivers are available down to the minute.

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Team communications

Team communications

Keep your teams connected thorough shared contact lists that enable phone calls, live chats, group channels, voice messages, and file transfer capabilities.

Individuals can set customized statuses to let the team know when they're actively working, out to lunch, or off duty.

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Client communications

Client communications

Exceed customer expectations by letting them control their deliveries and be a part of the real-time feedback loop.

Give them access to up-to-the-minute dashboards that show them where their deliveries are, send accurate ETAs, and enable two way communications methods via SMS and chat to contact your team if they ever have questions.

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We implemented B2Field over 3 years ago and have successfully been using it to improve visibility and order planning across the entire organization.

Janet Liu


B2Field is a feature-rich software platform that allows our regional offices to manage, monitor, and measure the performance of employees and vehicles.

Isabelle Newman

Isabelle Newman CEO “SplitLA”

We're really pleased with the performance of B2Field. We use the live tracking feature everywhere, all the time. It's a great time-saving tool.

Norman O’Brien

Norman O’Brien “Handy”

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the View Delivery plugin allows customers to input their assigned tracking number to track their order(s). Once the order is out for delivery, customers can view the location of the delivery vehicle on the map.

No, B2Field can be used by any delivery company no matter how you deliver. Whether your delivery team travels by car, public transport, bike, scooter, or by foot, you get detailed reports on trips locations, duration, and mileage.

It’s totally up to you. B2Field gives you the option to assign access rights to employees based on your employees’ roles and job titles. For instance, if you have several dispatchers, you can set up B2Field so each dispatcher can only see their direct team.

Yes, thanks to the simple yet powerful API, B2Field is easily integrated with popular CRMs: Bitrix24, amoCRM, 1C, and more. Data is easily synchronized into one system for fast, efficient reporting and analysis.

B2Field is a service for managing field employees and creating faster, more efficient processes. One of the features B2Field offers is route optimization: the system automatically plans routes by calculating the shortest path to the destination. All dispatchers have to do is choose the locations delivery personnel need to visit, and drivers follow the turn-by-turn directions on the live map.

B2Field has an electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) feature built in so you can collect customer signatures automatically, without having to rely on slow, error-prone manual systems, like chasing down a paper trail. Once the driver accepts a signature, it’s automatically updated in the system for reporting and analysis.

Once you’re part of the B2Field family, you’ll be assigned a personal B2Field success manager to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We’ll be happy to help!

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