Last mile delivery app: how to fill more orders and deliver them on time

Last mile delivery app: how to fill more orders and deliver them on time

The demand for last mile delivery services has increased several-fold since the pandemic began. At the same time, customers have high demands for delivery times: 87% of those surveyed would order from the company again if they were satisfied with the order completion speed. In order to meet customer expectations and earn more, you need a service that automates routine operations and helps manage deliveries. Read more about B2Field last mile delivery app and features in this article.

Deliver orders quickly

Delivery times are directly influenced by how well the delivery route is drawn up. To reduce travel time and fulfill more orders, B2Field’s route optimization option comes in handy. The feature automatically integrates the assigned orders into the route based on the courier’s current location, distance between locations, and delivery time interval.

You can assign an order to a courier in B2Field using one-time or regular tasks. Repetitive tasks are convenient if you are planning regular deliveries to the same address. The operator won’t have to assign an order to the courier each time, instead you just need to select a repetition interval, e.g. every week or month.

All last-mile delivery tools are in the mobile app

The employee will receive the assigned order with a push notification on their smartphone or tablet. The to-do list for the day will be available in the courier app. The tasks can be automatically prioritized — by urgency or distance from the current location.

Task in the app
Task in the app

Once the delivery personnel arrives at the location, they can view the customer’s contact information in the courier app to contact the customer by phone. When the order is delivered to the recipient, the courier can make a photo report to confirm the delivery.

In addition to this confirmation, you can make sure that the employee actually visited the client using geolocation. B2Field has a built-in GPS tracker that automatically records the courier’s location and the places they have visited. Importantly, the service also tracks time, which means that the operator will know whether the order has been delivered on time or late.

Provide customers with excellent delivery service

A recent study shows that service quality matters to 74% of respondents: they are willing to pay more for a product if it guarantees high service standards.

One of B2Field’s key features is the ability to show your customers awaiting delivery where the courier is on a map.

Last mile delivery app: how to fill more orders and deliver them on time
Provide customers with the ability to see where the courier is on a map

When the delivery is completed, your customer has the opportunity to put their signature and rate the quality of the service directly in the last mile delivery app. Employees won’t have to carry paper forms with them, and thanks to the rating feature in the app, you can reduce the cost of service surveys.

Photo report and signature in the last mile delivery app
Photo report and signature in the last mile delivery app

Find growth points with automated analytics

Once all workflows are in place, it’s important to analyze them and find opportunities for growth. B2Field collects data and provides it in the form of detailed reports on courier performance.

Dashboard. Monitor order fulfillment statistics and view courier ratings. Track activity on a heat map to help you understand which areas of the city are most active and which require development.

Monitor your last mile delivery service efficiency
Monitor your last mile delivery service efficiency

Automated reports. With B2Field, you can easily get reliable information about how your delivery employees are performing. The most in-demand reports include:

  • site visits,
  • trips,
  • idle times,
  • task completion,
  • filling out a mobile form: a tool that helps send a photo report, leave a signature and customer rating.

Calculation of fuel compensation. In the travel report, B2Field automatically calculates how much the courier spent on gasoline. The calculation is based on the mileage recorded by the GPS tracker in the last mile delivery app, fuel consumption and cost data.

Fill more orders with the last mile delivery app

B2Field helps you manage deliveries and provide quality service to customers to keep them coming back to you. With the last mile delivery app, you’ll be able to:

  • know exactly where your couriers are and track their movements during the work day,
  • deliver orders faster thanks to streamlined processes and efficient communication between couriers and the office,
  • analyze different delivery stages and automate routine operations.
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