Motivating Sales reps

Motivating Sales reps. How B2Field’s easy-to-use software increases engagement and employee satisfaction

The implementation of a new management software service is sometimes met with resistance from our clients’ teams. Employees are not eager to have their visits supervised, and are concerned that this new tool will make their jobs more difficult. However, this scenario is only true if you choose low-quality software. High-quality software can be your digital assistant in the field and help your sales reps efficiently perform their tasks, not hinder them.

Here are some points in favor of the B2Field solution you can use when talking to your team. This article explains how to make a specialized service motivate your sales reps.

Software helps with daily routine tasks

The average customer visit takes no longer than half an hour. During the visit, sales reps must follow 8 steps for a smooth visit, so they have only 10-15 minutes left for active sales. To make visits more efficient, field reps must be clear about the actions to be taken.

In the sales reps app, you can draft a plan for a visit as a checklist. Checklists can help your sales reps not to overlook any essential visit steps. Learn more about the checklist tool in this article.

Sales reps checklist
Sales reps checklist

B2Field automatic reports can be as helpful for your employees as checklists. This service records the time when sales reps start their visits and calculates the duration of the visits. This means that your field reps no longer need to manually insert the information on the number and duration of the visits. Instead, all they need to do in the field is to follow checklists and fill in a mobile form once the visit is over.

Software facilitates sales forecasting

Prepare for a visit by reviewing the history of your work with a client stored in the B2Field sales reps’ app. For example, to see if a selling point engages in marketing and trade-marketing activities eagerly; what the standard purchase volume is; how a customer responds to an offering of a new product. Focus only on the things that really matter to your customers during the visits and forecast sales using this data.

Customer’s cards can really help your sales reps working in retail outlets. A customer card should contain all the information a field rep might need during a visit: a decision maker’s name, phone number, terms of business, and previous orders.

Customer’s card
B2Field customer’s card

Software becomes a knowledge base and a digital assistant

Sometimes sales reps fall short of corporate standards due to a lack of information. That affects sales and customer loyalty. Make your employees more confident in the field with a set of special tools.

Documents. Attach additional files to an employee’s task. It may be a product presentation or internal documentation on product characteristics. It’s way easier to work with digital files: they are easy to update and share with all sales reps; in addition, they won’t go bad over time.

Chat. You can ask a clarifying question and the answer will never get lost as it usually happens in messengers.

With these tools, your sales reps are never alone with the customers because they can always rely on the office support, and that can really motivate your employees.

Having the sales reps’ app close at hand your workers will have access to the data they need in just a few clicks. That in turn will lead to even more successful visits.

Software makes work comfortable

If your sales reps worry that you will track their location in their free time, explain to them that the service doesn’t track GPS during their off hours and the work of other apps on their smartphones. All personal and sensitive data of your employees is protected.

GPS tracking schedule
GPS tracking schedule

Motivation of your sales reps depends on their working environment and the tools they work with. B2Field is designed to enhance cooperation between the field reps and the office. With the mobile app, your sales reps will have even more successful visits to their customers and will report faster on the complete tasks.

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