GPS tracker for businesses

4 business problems app-based GPS trackers can solve

Many businesses suffer from inefficiency problems that can turn into larger business problems that you could never begin to predict. If your SMB relies on a mobile workforce where most jobs are completed in the field, considering an app-based GPS tracker could be the efficient, cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for.

grocery delivery

Why retailers need hyperlocal grocery delivery now

Hyperlocal grocery delivery, and the delivery of other everyday essentials, is a microsystem of delivery in the supply chain management process (last mile delivery) in which the delivery of goods and services occurs within a limited geographical area.

Customer relationship management, CRM, CRM software, field sales, field sales reps

How to get field sales reps to adopt your CRM

You have customer relationship management (CRM) software, or you’re planning to adopt a new CRM, but you’re not quite sure how your field sales reps feel about it. Consider embracing these tips to help create buy-in from your field sales reps.

emotional man wins online

Gamification and the next generation of sales reps

The way organizations choose to approach the next generation of sales reps (Millennials and Gen Z [or Zoomers]) must consider the systems and methods they respond to most. In the modern world of digital technologies, it’s easy to see that gamification is one of them.

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