Online Delivery Tracking
Online Delivery Tracking

Go extra mile for
your clients –
and share it

Enable online tracking of your delivery personnel, drivers and service engineers. Extend usability to please existing customers and attract the new ones

Online Delivery Tracking

Put your service
on the map

When your clients know the order number, they know where their order is. No extra calls, just the excellent service.

Online Delivery Tracking

delivery time

B2Field will provide an accurately estimated delivery time considering road restrictions and traffic.

Online Delivery Tracking

your service

Make your solution stand out with corporate colors, customized features and maps.

Super Easy Integration

The right HTML-code will be generated automatically and is there for the taking. Simply place it on your website or social channels.

Online Delivery Tracking

All team in one map

Put all field workforce on the map to show the area covered by your solution.

Advertise your fleet count and operational area by showing it online.

Online Delivery Tracking
Online Delivery Tracking

Delivery Tracking online

Enable clients to check delivery status in real-time without calling the hotline.

The order number alone will visualize courier location and the ETA.

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