Online Check-in

Visualize locations
and jobs with
online check-in

Enable mobile workforce to share current locations and activities with a single tap on the Check-in button. Back it with pictures and comments.

Exact location

Be immediately notified upon arrival at the customer’s site. Add the client list manually or upload it from a 3rd-party application. Check geotags for the address and the customer’s name.

Unbiased timesheets

Time records won’t be falsified even if the phone time has been tampered with. The GPS-aligned punch clock will eliminate timesheet frauds and provide the valid data only.

Relevant Pictures

Capture what’s important for your business (displays, competitor shelves or damaged goods) and share it on the click. Restrict access to photo gallery to allow live shots only.

Useful insights

Enable mobile teams to support their check-ins with comments. The insights of any kind can be beneficial for the whole team in general or for the worker’s performance report.

Check-in Review – Instant performance rating

Put all the check-ins of the day on a single map for each employee. Compare it with the trips data and check how well your team performs in the field.

Did they stick to the route? Have they spent enough time at the customer’s? Answer the questions intuitively with advanced visual aids.

Benchmark timing, locations, pictures and comments to detect any deviations, increase productivity and cut unnecessary costs.

Online Check-in
Online Check-in

Check-in Reports – overview for longer time spans

If you need to analyze check-ins for a few days or weeks, turn to check-in reports. Instantly generate comprehensive and compact timesheets with any parameters that you need.

View the checkins of one employee or a group of employees. Check the list of locations + customer business name, pictures and comments.

All the reports can be imported to PDF or Excel or printed out.

Tasks – enhanced functionality for enterprise mobility

Check-in is a great tool for manual monitoring, when a supervisor chooses to check records for one or few workers from the field team.

Take advantage of Tasks if you want to enable effective planning for the whole field staff. Schedule one-time and regular tasks, urgent trips and attach any forms or comments to drive agility.

Online Check-in

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