Field service automation

Make planning simple

Take the burden of planning off your team and put B2Field in charge instead. Enjoy mistake-proof tasks and instant job dispatch. Empower employees to focus on more important duties.

Field service automation

Smart task management

Add new regular or one-time assignments with least effort. Fill in task details, specify comments and set up requirements. Experience recurring tasks generated by the service itself.

Make sure no errand or order is lost or left out. Introduce the new method of job dispatch and have your business processes run like clockwork.

Import tasks from any files

Create tasks in any services your team is most confortable with: in corporate CRMs or ERPs.

Use open API or Excel files to automatically import to-do lists from third-party applications. B2Field will instantly forward the task details to the employee’s smartphone and will keep a digital eye on the task progress.

Field service automation

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