The secret life of mobile workforces

Are your sales reps or field engineers being completely honest with you? When managers’ control loses its grip outside the office, then human factor takes its toll. Including fuel frauds, documents altering and using company vehicles to moonlight. We know exactly what employees hide from their bosses. How did we find out? Simply by asking them.

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How to track your mobile workforce: three options at your disposal

While a smartphone enables your field employees to make calls and use a variety of apps, it allows you as a manager to always be aware of where your teams are. More and more companies are turning to mobile devices to track work progress, employee performance and efficiency. Well, and costs. But the most popular mobile feature is the real-time location and employees’ trip history.

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How to Make Your Sales Reps Bring on Their A-Game

Developing and maintaining customer relationships and establishing the new ones are key responsibilities of any sales representative.

The service they provide is essential for your customer loyalty. A special mobile app will help you empower your employees to do better in their daily operations.

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