How to Make Your Sales Reps Bring on Their A-Game

How to Make Your Sales Reps Bring on Their A-Game

Developing and maintaining customer relationships and establishing the new ones are key responsibilities of any sales representative.

The service they provide is essential for your customer loyalty. A special mobile app will help you empower your employees to do better in their daily operations.

7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app

  • Make use of any document, any time. All customer documents now come in handy in your employee’s smartphone or tablet. When you go digital, you can go far.
  • Address any issue head-on. A field-to-office communication is made simple in the in-app chat. Any extra questions and requests the customer might have can always be assisted by a dispatcher or a supervisor in real time.
  • Drive agility. Once the visit is over, the app will ask you to fill in the order request form and will forward it to the office with zero delay. The order will be processed immediately.
  • Get rid of giant piles of paperwork. With all customer visit metrics kept in one place (on the server) a manager is only few clicks away from generating any reports all by him- or herself.
  • Introduce transparent reports and analytics. Enable your accountants to generate trip tickets for fuel cost calculations and more based on the actual trip data.
  • Track the routes. The app features sales rep-friendly mapping, routes and navigation. Set geofences for your team and get immediate alerts (by push-notifications or SMS) if these are getting crossed. Track real-time GPS location or playback the actual trip history to make sure your employees are literally on the right track.
  • Evaluate performance. The app employs rate and review service to obtain measurable customer feedback and improve your customer service.

Mobile app is an efficient and reliable tool to power up your sales reps. Trade companies having already deployed the mobile solution face 20-30% increase of daily customer visits and consecutive sales and profit growth.

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