GPS app for last mile delivery

How a GPS app can improve last mile delivery for delivery SMBs

A GPS app-based tool can give your SMB delivery business the transparency and business insight that every delivery business needs to streamline operations and create efficiencies that last at a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions.

Imagine a situation where your SMB delivery company spends all that hard work accepting, organizing, and loading packages onto delivery trucks. Then, once the trucks leave on their manually-planned routes, the business has little information about how well drivers are performing in the field.

Maybe the business receives phone calls from customers asking where their packages are, or outright cancels their deliveries altogether in frustration of a late or missed delivery they weren’t notified about. Maybe the company receives praise on social media from time to time. If you own or manage an SMB delivery company, and this hypothetical rings true, you might be interested in adopting a GPS app for delivery.

Last mile delivery SMBs are adopting GPS apps more and more to gain a 360-degree view of how delivery operations are performing in the field, related to both vehicle operations and employee performance, which increases field efficiency so you can grow your business the smart way.

Read on to learn more about how adopting a GPS app for your SMB last mile business could make a significant positive impact on your business.

GPS app for GPS tracking of vehicles

The simple answer to the GPS app equation is this: if you know where your delivery drivers are in real-time, you’ll have a better understanding of how to track progress and make changes if and when they arise. And since you’re familiar with last mile delivery, you’ll know that changes will occur, it’s only a matter of when.

When a driver has the ability to send updates to dispatchers, which can be routed directly to customers, you’re able to kill two birds with one stone: you’re improving the ever-important business communications between drivers and dispatchers, and you’re sending valuable updates to customers at the same time. Better yet, updates sent to customers are automatic, there’s no extra work involved for your employees.

A GPS app for last mile delivery SMBs also allows your delivery business to do more with less by creating automatic routes for drivers, which can be completed in minutes, not hours. GPS app-based route planning creates the most efficient routes based on time or distance so you end up using delivery vehicles less often, which translates to savings on repair, maintenance and fuel.

Specifically for drivers, delivery tracking is complemented with notes that include important delivery specifications, which can often speed up delivery times so your business can deliver more with the same amount of resources.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePoD): photo capture and signature capture

Electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) is one of the most effective ways to give your SMB delivery business and customers the peace of mind that deliveries are executed and accepted. Better yet, with comprehensive reporting and analytics GPS apps like B2Field offer, all delivery data is entered into the system automatically so you can track delivery success over time, even by individual delivery drivers.

Not only is ePoD one of the easiest ways to track progress, but it’s one of the best ways to resolve a delivery dispute when they arise.

How does B2Field GPS app work for ePoD? Check it out:

  1. When the driver arrives to the destination he/she notifies dispatch by confirming his/her arrival
  2. Once the driver scans the package and delivers it, they have the option to provide ePoD via photos and/or signatures on the mobile device they use for work
  3. By choosing “Add signature” the delivery driver enables a signature form the customer can sign with their fingertip
  4. By choosing “Add photo” the delivery driver enables the camera so he/she can take a photo and add it to the delivery confirmation, which is automatically sent to dispatch and the customer to confirm proof of delivery

Last mile delivery tracking for customers

The main question customers have once they’ve ordered an item is when it will be delivered.

Having up-to-date, or even real-time delivery notifications is a feature that customers have come to expect when ordering things, highlighting the importance of customer communication when it comes to achieving 5-star customer service.

Here are some of the delivery features you need that GPS apps like B2Field can offer:

Send customer notifications based on GPS app data

As you well understand, delivery delays can happen and your customers need to be in the know as much as the business does so everyone is in the know and expectations can be reset.

You can either email customers or send them personalized SMS (text) messages about delivery updates with B2Field.

These notifications are useful to reset expectations by offering updated delivery times if and when delays occur.

GPS app gives customers a live map view

Giving customers as much information as possible can exceed their expectations to the point where they become loyal, long-term advocates of your business, one of the most important aspects of running an SMB delivery business.

Live map views powered by the GPS app gives customers full transparency into the delivery process in real-time.

Does my business need a GPS app for last mile delivery tracking?

Having business visibility is essential for any business, and especially SMBs that are often on a tighter schedule and a tighter budget; there’s simply less room for error for businesses like this.

GPS apps for last mile delivery tracking offers delivery businesses 360-degree visibility into operations so managers and business stakeholders can analyze the most important business data so they can have the confidence of making decisions that are based on concrete evidence, not assumptions, one way to create efficiencies that ultimately save the business time and money.

For customers, a GPS app view offers them the transparency that they demand from their deliveries so they can be more understanding of delays or changes since they can be proactively contacted, leading to customer satisfaction which can evolve over time into lasting customer relationships with your business.

Whether you’re a delivery driver, dispatcher, manager, or business owner who is stressed out about not having operational visibility, B2Field is here to help you solve the last mile problem with the GPS app SMBs trust. You can even try it for yourself for free.

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