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4 business problems app-based GPS trackers can solve

Many businesses suffer from inefficiency problems that can turn into larger business problems that you could never begin to predict. If your SMB relies on a mobile workforce where most jobs are completed in the field, considering an app-based GPS tracker could be the efficient, cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for.

As technology advances to help people solve problems faster and often more efficiently than before, businesses adopt new and existing technologies for similar purposes.

For reasons of efficiency and transparency, to increase productivity and overall operations (which often has a positive impact on revenue) more and more businesses that rely on mobile workforce teams — especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — are adopting app-based GPS trackers to solve common business problems.

Read on to learn how app-based GPS trackers solve problems for SMBs.

App-based GPS trackers put a stop to wasted time

Time is money for every business, and it’s time that SMBs can’t afford to waste. Time can be wasted in a lot of different ways, especially if you have a lot of drivers on the road making deliveries, or you have mobile teams working out in the field completing field service tasks, and other fieldwork-related tasks.

App-based GPS tracking systems can help you plan better routes, schedule and dispatch drivers and other fieldworkers more efficiently, keep tabs on your mobile workforce when they’re out in the field and on the clock, and keep tabs on your equipment as well.

If the GPS tracker app is ever tampered with, your field managers get alerted automatically so you always have 360-degree visibility into operations in real-time.

App-based GPS trackers save your fleet fuel

Plotting the most efficient routes with a GPS tracking app means saving fuel, which further means saving your business money. At the same time, you can monitor your vehicles for excessive idling, which is one of the most inefficient fuel burners along with inefficient driving practices like speeding, aggressive driving, and harsh braking.

If one of your vehicles happens to break down in-route, you can deploy the closest vehicle to save even more money on fuel.

B2Field GPS tracking curbs wasted work hours

If your teams aren’t working as efficiently as possible, that’s wasted time, and it bears repeating over and over: time is money. An app-based GPS tracker, like B2Field, doesn’t require finicky configurations let alone expensive hardware. All you need is to have a mobile workforce equipped with a smart device, like a tablet or smartphone.

B2Field does the rest so you can monitor unplanned stops, excessive idling time, you can deploy geofencing to prevent unauthorized out-of-area use, and you can even send accurate ETAs to your customers so your team can complete more jobs in less time.

All the data is entered into the system for reporting automatically so you can track performance over time, even by individual employees. That’s accuracy and efficiency you can trust that can help you grow your business the smart way.

Wave goodbye to excessive damage and repairs

Business inefficiencies breed all sorts of the problems that you might not even expect, and as far as your fleet is concerned, it could devolve normal wear and tear into damage and costly repairs.

With so many moving parts to maintaining a healthy fleet, it’s impossible to keep all that information in your head. GPS tracking can help you keep track of maintenance so you know how many miles have been driven or even which vehicles have been idling too much. Simply send a reminder to the driver to shut the engine off to prevent damage.

App-based GPS tracking from B2Field is the efficient, cost-effective way to ensure the operations visibility you need to increase productivity so you can grow your business the smart way.

Want to learn more about how a GPS tracker solution from B2Field can help your business? Visit our website and fill out the form to learn more.

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