The best maps for mobile workforce management

Optimize and visualize field operations with powerful B2Field mapping tools.

Field Agents Tracking on Map

Manage with ease

Mapping plays an essential role in the efficient management of employees working outside the company premises.

A set of B2Field maps packed with advanced and intuitive tools allow dispatchers and supervisors to manage routes and monitor the real time location of mobile workforce with minimum time and effort.

Power up your business

Route optimization

Plan the shortest routes to destinations avoiding traffic and road restrictions to save your time and money.

Easy navigation

Find places and addresses you need. Create geofences and mark important places with landmarks and POI.

Mobile monitoring

Track and trace your field employees from mobile phones and tablets using 2D and 3D maps.

Premium maps

Explore the most accurate and sophisticated maps from numerous world’s best mapping providers.

Personal navigation assistant

Handy navigation in smartphones and tablets will help your employees always follow the right direction. Detailed maps will show the shortest route to the destination and save plenty of time when searching for the closest parking space or even the proper entrance to a building.

A dozen of licensed maps available in the mobile application guarantees all-round coverage and amazing navigation experience wherever your employees go.

Field Agents Tracking on Map

Avoid traffic

Check real-time traffic on your mobile device before choosing the right route to the task location.

Search by name

Add names to frequently visited addresses to simplify and save time searching for a required destination.

Inspect streets

Use satellite and aerial images to explore every detail of the destination point from the bird’s-eye view.

Discover how B2Field can streamline your business

Advanced map options

Field Agents Tracking on Map

Add custom map overlays with your corporate infrastructure to visually enhance navigation in your premises. Display warehouses, service zones, production areas, oil fields and other important business facilities.

Field Agents Tracking on Map

Integrate 3rd party geographic information systems (GIS) and local cartographic services with B2Field. Continue using maps, high-speed geocoding or any other geospatial tools and features your company got used to.

Explore advanced B2Field features for
mobile workforce management

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