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Invite field workers to download mobile App

To join the service, your field workforce (sales reps, drivers, couriers, etc.) should download the X-GPS Tracker mobile app on their smartphones or tablets.

The official X-GPS Tracker application for Android and Apple devices can be downloaded free from the Google Play or App Store.  Once downloaded and launched for the first time, the employee will be asked to enter an ID number (a number of 10 digits, which is automatically assigned by the service).

In order to facilitate download and installation of the application, we recommend to use digital invitations. The employee will automatically receive the invitation in an inbox or as a SMS message —  the account will be instantly added to the service. The invitation message contains: 1. A link for downloading the application and 2. The worker’s personal identifier.

Sending an invitation (Manager’s activity)

Usually heads of the departments/office branches or specially appointed supervisors/managers are those responsible for adding new employees to the service. A manager can add workers either from a computer (via the Web interface) or from the X-GPS Monitor mobile application.

Invitation via the Web

Adding new employees to the service is easier from a computer, that is, from the B2Field web interface. To do it:

  1. Log in to the service:
  2. In the bottom left corner, head to “Device activation”. Tap on “X-GPS Mobile Application” and click Next step.
  3. Enter the employee’s contact information: an email address and/or phone number. This information is required for sending the download link and a personal identifier (10 digits).
  4. Click the Invite button.

Invitation via the Mobile App

As a manager, you can as well invite workers from the X-GPS Monitor mobile application. To do it: Head to the application bar → Tap on Add object → Choose Mobile application → Enter the employee’s contact information: email address and/or phone number.

Accepting the invitation (Employee’s activity)

Your employees will receive the invitation in their inboxes and/or via SMS messages. The invitation contains a link to download the free application from the official store, as well as the 10-digit employee’s ID number assigned by the service.

Once the invitation is received, the employee should:

  1. Follow the received link and download the free app from an online store
  2. Launch the application and enter the personal identifier received in the invitation (10 digits)
  3. Enable Tracking

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