How to organize the operation of a cleaning company

5 simple steps for cleaning companies to improve the service and workforce management

There are currently two major trends taking shape in the cleaning market: first, increased demands for the quality of cleaning services on the part of customers, and second, companies that dump the prices. For a cleaning company this means providing companies with high quality services without additional cost increases. In this article we will share with you how to improve your service in 5 simple steps.

1. Proper task planning

Task assignment is one of the primary duties of a supervisor managing a team of cleaners. A poorly planned schedule leads to late arrivals to the next customers, which, in turn, adversely affect the company’s image. With B2Field software, the cleaning team manager will be able to assign one-off and regular tasks.

The task in the mobile app specifies all the important information: description, address and phone number of the customer, as well as the time of the assignment. The cleaner will receive task details on their smartphone via the mobile app in push notifications. The employee will be able to have a look at the to-do list for the day and build a route between the clients.

Task for the cleaner
Task for the cleaner in the mobile app

You can include a checklist in the task description, which we will discuss in the next section, and specify the necessary equipment and materials. For instance, if an employee forgets a stepladder, it will be hard for them to reach for and clean surfaces and objects high up, which will obviously have an impact on the result. A clear checklist will help the cleaner deliver a high quality service on the first try.

2. Field employees management

Cleaners usually perform smaller orders, like a regular apartment upkeep, without a supervisor. We have another great software tool in store to control the fulfillment of such orders. The B2Field mobile app comes with a built-in GPS tracker that records the cleaner’s location. Therefore, it is impossible to start a task without physically being at the specified location.

This way, the manager can be sure that the work has started on time. The duration of the task completion is also recorded automatically, which means you can check how long the job actually took.

Notifications in your B2Field account

3. Mobile cleaning checklists

Two factors are commonly cited among the major problems affecting the quality of cleaning:

  • high staff turnover in cleaner positions and low professional training,
  • poor inspection by managers, who do not point out shortcomings in the cleaners’ performance in order to retain staff.

One of the main tools to help cleaners and managers keep up with the standards is a mobile process flowchart for cleaning. It contains the following information:

  • type of work,
  • rated duration,
  • frequency of repetitions,
  • work description,
  • supervisor’s checklist,
  • completion result,
  • equipment,
  • consumables.

Thanks to this digital process chart you will be able to regulate cleaning in a variety of premises: malls, offices, apartments and country houses. Such a chart can easily be turned into a mobile checklist, which will be available to the cleaner and supervisor via the app. By ticking off the completed items, the employee will be able to double-check themselves and report on the work done to their manager.

Checklist in the cleaner's mobile app

A manager can create checklists in the B2Field app using mobile forms. The tool is an alternative to the forms we see in malls, restaurants and other public places. On paper, a manager in charge can put their signature a day in advance, but with B2Field software this is not an option. The app captures the time the mobile form was sent, moreover, in it you can disable uploading photos from the gallery — this way employees can only take a snapshot in real time.

4. Customer reviews to improve your cleaning service

Mobile forms can also be used to make post-cleanup reports. You can easily add before and after photos into the forms, mark services provided, and get clients’ electronic signatures and ratings.

Once the cleaner fills out and sends the form, it is instantly available for review in the office. In the web solution, the manager will be able to check the employee’s performance and the client’s evaluation. If the rating is low, the client can be contacted for more extensive feedback. This approach will allow your company to improve service and increase customer loyalty, which is crucial in the highly competitive cleaning market.

5. Analysis of current business processes

As we have mentioned, B2Field allows you to collect reviews and ratings from your customers. Besides feedback, B2Field software also captures other important data that help you evaluate your cleaners’ productivity.

The main visual tool to do this is the dashboard. It visualizes the major workflows:

  • number of tasks completed,
  • employees’ rating based on finished tasks — great for calculating bonuses and KPIs,
  • mileage — if your company provides compensation for gasoline costs,
  • activity by areas: this feature can be helpful when analyzing the areas of the city where your services are most in demand. This way you can find out, for instance, where you need to step up your marketing activities.
Monitoring productivity using a dashboard
Monitoring workflows using a dashboard

Solution for a cleaning company: web service and a mobile app

One of the key advantages of working with B2Field is the increased control over work and quality of services. The mobile app captures important data about employees’ performance: time of arrival at the location, duration of the visit, coming late. This information is displayed in the manager’s account and is received via notifications, which can be customized by selecting the most important ones for your specific needs.

B2Field helps cleaning companies every step of the way. Key features of the web solution and mobile app include:

  • task distribution and assignment,
  • GPS location tracking,
  • chat and data exchange,
  • reporting and analytics.

To learn more about all of the B2Field’s features, sign up for the service. Increase the control over your cleaners’ performance and the quality of services provided to keep your customers coming back for more.

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