Managing pest control specialists

Managing pest control specialists: a clear work plan for high-quality service delivery

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the demand has surged for the sanitary treatment of premises, making the supervision of pest control and disinfection workers more relevant than ever. In order to deliver quality services, these professionals need to adhere to certain work standards. B2Field will help you set up efficient workflows and stick to the treatment guidelines.

B2Field is a service for monitoring and managing field employees, and that includes pest control. The service helps you work with your field staff all the way through from task planning to reporting. Today, we are going to discuss how to remotely monitor the work of your pest control specialists.

Specific features of pest control team´s work planning

Companies provide a large range of pest control, disinfection and deratization services, so it is important to assign tasks to specialists appropriately. There are also other aspects of planning: for instance, for private clients the exact time of arrival of the specialist is important, so that the customer could prepare the premises in time. And when the services are ordered by companies, most requests are usually regular treatment for restaurants, hotels, or fitness clubs. Such tasks should be scheduled precisely, taking into account the specifics of the business and the requirements of the client.

One-off and regular orders are easy to schedule in B2Field. The pest control worker receives the assignment in their account or via the mobile app. To create a regular task, you only need to specify the frequency and it will appear in the employee’s schedule, so you don’t have to re-enter the information.

The manager will indicate in the task details the client’s address, the appointed time, and a description of what needs to be done. The list of tasks for the day is available to the employee in the app.

Task assignment in B2Field is done via a planner. It allows you to view the schedule of specialists and tasks: assigned, completed, and overdue. The planner makes it easy to make adjustments: reschedule the treatment for another time or choose a different employee. Since you can see the schedule of the entire team, you can easily monitor each member’s workload.

Licenses and certificates in the mobile app

More often than not, it’s the private clients that ask to see the ID and certificates for the products used, since companies normally ask for these documents before drawing up a contract. To ensure that the documents of pest control workers are always at hand, they can be added to the task, which is assigned by the supervisor in the web interface and is displayed in the employee’s mobile app. Specialists will be able to show certificates from their smartphone or tablet.

In the B2Field web interface, you can attach documents to a task

Checklists for pest control and sanitation services

Besides external regulators, companies have strict rules for performing treatment of premises. For instance, if there is no briefing and no specification of what products have been used previously, the next treatment with the same products will not be effective and could even end up damaging the property. The company risks losing money and customer confidence.

To control the work progress in B2Field you can create checklists. To do that, use mobile forms — a constructor comprising different fields: text, lists, photos, signatures, dates, etc. The advantage of such checklists is that they will always be at hand — in the mobile app on the pest control specialist´s device.

For instance, before they start treating the premises of a private client, employees can use a checklist, which will specify all the steps to be taken:

  • checking if the premises have been prepared,
  • interviewing the client about previous treatments,
  • warning the client about possible risks,
  • obtaining the client’s signature.
Pest control
Pest control specialist's checklist


Mobile forms in B2Field allow you to create report templates to monitor pest control workers. There are several advantages to such reports:

  • The supervisor can check what work the specialist has performed immediately: once the reports are sent, the data will instantly reach the office.
  • Reports are stored electronically, which means they won’t get lost and will be easy to find even after a while.
  • The information is streamlined, so you can easily find what services were rendered to a particular client.
specialist's report
Pest control specialist's report

Once the mobile form is sent, the manager will be able to see the address of completion, date and time, which are recorded in the app automatically and without the involvement of the executor.

Apart from the reports filled out by the specialist, B2Field software allows you to monitor the amount of work performed and maintain discipline. For example, if the employee failed to arrive at the client’s on time, the supervisor will see it in their account.

B2Field will help you keep track of critical metrics and increase control over pest control workers to ensure quality service delivery. Monitor daily performance and get analytical reports.

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