New B2Field mobile app

New B2Field mobile app brings field employees more confidence to sell better

B2Field has launched a new mobile application for field workforce management. It was developed with the specifics of running mobile staff in mind and, therefore, covers and takes care of traveling nature of work, isolation from the rest of the office and the need for remote control. The application highlights dynamic scheduling, real-time location tracking and field-to-office data exchange.

Read on to learn the best features for mobile workforce management available in the new mobile app and get acquainted with the full functionality of the service.

Planning on the go

Using B2Field mobile app, field employees won’t have to worry about dropping by the office. Each scheduled task will come remotely in a push notification with locations, contact information and other important details available right in their smartphones.

The main screen in the app displays the tasks assigned to the employee for today, tomorrow and the week ahead — this is how the field specialist sees the amount of work to get prepared for the scheduled customer visits. As the employee moves along the route, the status of the tasks changes to: in progress, done or undone.


Employees can choose to see all tasks or filter them by date and status. All locations can be sorted alphabetically, by closing hours, and by the distance to the destination.

Supervisors can attach any files, documents, and photos to each task. Therefore, the employee will have all the necessary information at their fingertips to ensure excellent performance and well-thought out customer service.

Syncing field and office employees

Once the field employee arrives at the assigned location, the app will recognize it and offer to click on Start. A tap on the attached mobile form will show the field specialist what data needs to be collected for correct reporting and task execution. When the employee clicks on Finish, the status of the task will update to Done. This and the attached information will be automatically delivered to the supervisor and the back office’s web interface.

The application captures the status of tasks and the duration of each of the stages. Therefore, managers will get the most accurate real-time tracking of their mobile employees who spend the whole working day outside the office. The status change will come directly  to the web version of B2Field as a notification, making it easy for managers to track progress.

tasks in the app

Quick tasks (new!)

Some field workers need to perform tasks that were not initially planned by the manager. For example, when sales representatives are looking for new prospects or if service engineers provide customers with additional services on the spot. To enable mobile employees to capture the job done, B2Field provides quick tasks. They log the GPS location, duration of the stay and important details via mobile forms — and then transfer them safely to the back office.

Online GPS tracking during the shift

One of the important features of B2Field mobile app is GPS tracking. It allows to pin the location of a mobile employee during the shift, so the manager will always know exactly where the specialist is.

The accurate location is pinpointed by using GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi, cellular signals and Bluetooth. There are three tracking modes in B2Field to select: Car, On-foot  and Special. Depending on the employee’s choice and transportation method, the app will utilize different location tracking algorithms.

Due to the fact that the mobile application captures location, managers will be able to find out online where the employee is and see the history of trips and movements for any working day.

Often, when installing GPS tracking apps, mobile employees might worry that their location will be monitored even after hours. For this case, B2Field has provided a schedule: in the web version, the manager will be able to select the desired days of the week and time, and before the start of the working day, the application will remind field employees to turn on the tracker. When an employee turns it on and off, the manager receives a notification.

New B2Field mobile app is available now

The new app for mobile workforce management is available for iOs and Android devices. It is free to download however a B2Field subscription is required to enjoy the full suite of features. Choose your plan or contact us if you’d like to discuss more opportunities for your business.

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