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Adopting mobile field service management software should be your top priority right now

Having trouble keeping your mobile field service teams on track and engaged? Adopting field service management software can help your field service management business save time and money so you can focus on delivering incredible customer service.

More than ever before, digital tools are revolutionizing how businesses operate. And as organizations turn toward technology to run core business functions, they recognize the many values software provides beyond streamlining operations.

Businesses are saving time and money, they’re able to manage their workforce and assets more effectively and efficiently, and they offer unprecedented insight into how the business functions over time so business leaders have the confidence to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions about what to change when, and why.

With nearly every industry we can think of adopting sometimes many different technologies to improve their business, it’s no wonder why field service management companies are leveraging field service management software solutions to do more with less and save time and money as a result.

Field service management organizations are adopting technologies like B2Field to connect the disparate aspects of the business that traditionally used multiple separate tools and apps.

With B2Field, businesses can track and manage employees with GPS technologies, improve scheduling and dispatching, connect teams with real-time communications tools, and focus more on providing excellent customer service and growing the business.

Connect all your teams in real-time

Connecting teams in real-time translates into synchronized operations. The result: field service management companies see less late or missed appointments, they complete more jobs on the first time while increasing first time fix rates, and field techs can service more customers in less time.

B2Field helps keep your field techs and dispatchers engaged. Live maps give dispatchers a real-time view into daily operations. They always know where field reps are or where they’re headed next, and they can create dynamic routes to get field techs where they need to be faster to save time on the road and fuel costs.

If there’s ever a question or issue, dispatchers and field techs can sync using real-time communications tools inside the app through calls or SMS.

Once field techs get dispatched on a job, the app can provide them with all the information they need (including customer information) to get the job done right the first time.

With dynamic tools like checklists and forms, all the field tech has to do is use the app as a guide to complete the job from start to finish and check off tasks on the list as they go, and even send proof of work via photo, video, file sharing, and more.

Basically, dispatchers have a 360 degree view into operations via live maps so they can monitor and manage daily field operations and field techs have all the information they need to delight customers by providing incredible service quality every time.

There’s no fumbling around with disparate tools or different apps because every tool you need to streamline operations is in the B2Field app.

Cut costs, save money, grow revenue

Use B2Field to plan more dynamic schedules. For example, all industries have lull periods and peak times they can predict, but other times there are downturns and peaks that cannot be predicted.

Knowing what field techs are available during the week of service and beyond gives you the insight to plan better and make dynamic staffing decisions based on availability, or even automate scheduling where possible.

Cut costs and save money by reducing repetitive manual tasks, optimizing routes to save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, and increasing field activity and completing more jobs per field tech per day with automatic scheduling and dispatching.

With dynamic reporting data, field service management managers and executives have unprecedented drill-down insight into business operations, historical trends, and more. Know what business changes to make to improve efficiencies, cut costs, provide incredible customer service, and grow revenue. The best part: no more guesswork, business decisions can be made with confidence, knowing they’re driven by evidence and data.

Focus on work, not your infrastructure

Since field service management applications like B2Field are cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about huge, time consuming on-premise infrastructure projects.

Your team doesn’t even have to be in the office. Everyone can be synced remotely.

All your teams need is a smartphone to download the app, register, and get back to work as usual — it’s that simple.

Even when field techs are out in the field and experience bad network connectivity, they can even use B2Field offline. Once they reconnect, all the information is updated in the system automatically.

Business managers and executives can access reporting data anywhere, on any device, desktop and mobile.

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